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ACC 440 - Week 2 - Complete

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Course Detail:

DQ1.1 Why do companies hedge? Why do some companies choose not to hedge?


DQ1.2 What are the differences between fair value cash flow and foreign currency hedges?


DQ2.1 Are there disclosure requirements in the United States that govern the reporting practices of foreign currency transactions? Provide examples.


DQ2.2 What is the difference between accounting for foreign currency transactions and foreign currency translations? 


Individual Assignment - Ch. 12 Textbook Exercise 

Resource: Ch. 12 of Advanced Financial Accounting

Prepare a solution to the C12-3: exercise from Ch. 12 of the text. Note that the IASB web site is now the IFRS web site and you will be directed to http://www.ifrs.org/Home.htm.  The exercise is essentially the same.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word report in which you provide your responses to the case.

Cite all resources. If you use an electronic source, include the link. If you use an additional printed source, attach a copy of the data to your paper.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.


Learning Team Assignment - Ch. 1 Textbook Exercises   

Resource: Ch. 1 of Advanced Financial Accounting

Prepare solutions to the following exercises from Ch. 1 of the text:

• E1-2: Multiple-Choice Questions on Recording Business Combinations

• P1-31: Journal Entries to Record a Business Combination

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