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ACC 440 - Week 1 - Complete

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Course Detail:

DQ1.1What is the significance of goodwill in the consolidation process? Why is it necessary to determine goodwill impairment?


DQ1.2Under what circumstances would you use the cost or equity method of accounting for an investment? Why are the percentages of ownership only a guideline when accounting for an investment?


DQ2.1Do you feel that Pooling of Interest should have been eliminated? If you were an investor, which method would you prefer – pooling or the purchase method?


DQ2.2Do all countries follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles? Why or why not? Should there one set of accounting standards followed by all countries?


Individual Assignment - Ch. 2 Textbook Exercises 

Resource: Ch. 2 of Advanced Financial Accounting

Prepare solutions to the following exercises from Ch. 2 of the text:

• C2-1: Choice of Accounting Method

• E2-1: Use of Cost and Equity Methods

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