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Do you work hard to achieve good grades, but does not get success at that level? Studentwhiz has found out a simple yet interesting way to help its students achieve good grades by learning in a smart way through University of Phoenix ACC 422 - Week 4 - Complete Solutions and ACC 422 - Week 4 - Complete Course. Our main motive is that our students should pass their exams with flying colors. ACC 422 - Week 4 - Complete Study Material and ACC 422 - Week 4 - Complete Guide are also been provided so that students can learn from them. On our learning portal you will get study material which is 100% updated and imparted by our experts.

ACC 422 - Week 4 - Complete

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Course Detail:

DQ1.What are the criteria for classifying an item as a current liability? What are some examples of current liabilities? Why is it important to classify a portion of long-term debt on a yearly basis as a current liability? What is the implication of misclassifying a liability as current or long-term?


DQ2.What is a contingency? Why are contingencies important to users of financial statements? What are the criteria for recording contingencies? Should companies record a liability for threatened litigation? Explain why or why not.


DQ3.What is a bond? What are some features of a bond? How do you value bonds? What factors can affect that value?


Individual Assignment - WileyPLUS

Resource: WileyPLUS

Complete the following in WileyPLUS:

• Exercise E11-4 (20 Points)

• Problem P11-6 (30 Points)

• Exercise E12-16 (20 Points)

• Problem P12-1 (30 Points)


Learning Team Assignment - Weekly Reflection     

Discuss the objectives for Week Three and answer the following questions:

• In terms of the balance sheet and the income statement, what is the effect of using different depreciation methods?

• Why is the reporting of intangible assets often challenging for accountants?

Write a 350- to 500-word summary of your Learning Team’s discussion.


Individual Assignment - Weekly Summary     

Post Weekly Summary in the Main Forum

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