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ACC 340-Week 3-Complete

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Course Detail:

DQ1.Explain why a poor database design results in information retrieval problems? Have you ever experienced the result of a poorly designed database? Explain. 


DQ2.The reading outlines six steps to create a database with the REA model. What are they? Please give an example of each.


Individual Assignment - Assignments from the Readings

Write a response to the following assignments from the Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems text:

• Chapter 8: Case Analyses 8–17 (Fairfax Recreation Center)

• Chapter 9: Problems 9–15 and 9–16


Individual Assignment - Accounting Information Systems Simulation Summary       

Complete the Accounting Information Systems simulation located on the student website.

Write a 350-word summary addressing the following:

• What are the advantages of having the same person performing multiple activities in a particular process? What are the disadvantages?

• Where would you draw the line between cost-benefit analysis and accuracy of records?

• How would prioritization affect Ramos International’s expected loss over the current year?

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.


Learning Team Assignment - Hardware and Software Selection Paper            

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper using the same step of the accounting cycle your Learning Team selected for its Accounting Cycle Description Paper that examines the hardware and software necessary to integrate this accounting process into an automated system.

Discuss what information might need to be shared between the different cycles.

Include the following in your paper:

• Who needs access to the information?

• What controls need to be in place?

• What types of reports need to be generated?

• What information should be available through the corporate intranet or the Internet?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Weekly Summary

Post a short summary of what you have learned this week. 

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