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ACC 307 Week 6 Quiz 5

Price In $ : 7.99

Course Detail:

  • Question 1

Corey is the city sales manager for “RIBS,” a national fast food franchise. Every working day, Corey drives his car as follows:


Home to office20

Office to RIBS No. 115

RIBS No. 1 to No. 218

RIBS No. 2 to No. 313

RIBS No. 3 to home30

Corey’s deductible mileage is:



  • Question 2

As to meeting the time test for purposes of deducting moving expenses, which of the following statements is correct?



  • Question 3

Allowing for the cutback adjustment (50% reduction for meals and entertainment), which of the following trips will qualify for the travel expense deduction?



  • Question 4

Due to a merger, Allison transfers from Miami to Chicago. Under a new job description, she is reclassified from employee to independent contractor status. Her moving expenses, which are not reimbursed, are as follows:


Cost of moving household goods 4,000

Penalty for breaking lease on Miami apartment3,000

Allison’s deductible moving expense is:



  • Question 5

Robert entertains several of his key clients on January 1 of the current year. Expenses paid by Robert are as follows:

Cab fare$ 60

Cover charge at supper club200

Dinner at club800

Tips to waiter160

Presuming proper substantiation, Robert’s deduction is:



  • Question 6

Jordan performs services for Ryan. Which, if any, of the following factors indicate that Jordan is an independent contractor, rather than an employee?



  • Question 7

During the year, Sophie went from Omaha to Lima (Peru) on business. She spent four days on business, two days on travel, and four days on vacation. Disregarding the vacation costs, Sophie’s unreimbursed expenses are:

Air fare$3,000


Sophie’s deductible expenses are:



  • Question 8

During the year, Walt travels from Seattle to Tokyo (Japan) on business. His time was spent as follows: 2 days travel (one day each way), 2 days business, and 2 days personal. His expenses for the trip were as follows (meals and lodging reflect only the business portion):

Air fare$3,000


Meals and entertainment1,000

Presuming no reimbursement, Walt’s deductible expenses are:



  • Question 9

Dave is the regional manager for a national chain of auto-parts stores and is based in Salt Lake City. When the company opens new stores in Boise, Dave is given the task of supervising their initial operation. For three months, he works weekdays in Boise and returns home on weekends. He spends $350 returning to Salt Lake City but would have spent $410 had he stayed in Boise for the weekend. As to the weekend trips, how much, if any, qualifies as a deduction?




  • Question 10

Which, if any, of the following expenses are not subject to the 2%-of-AGI floor?




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