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Do you work hard to achieve good grades, but does not get success at that level? Studentwhiz has found out a simple yet interesting way to help its students achieve good grades by learning in a smart way through University of Phoenix ACC 307 Week 3 Quiz 2 Solutions and ACC 307 Week 3 Quiz 2 Course. Our main motive is that our students should pass their exams with flying colors. ACC 307 Week 3 Quiz 2 Study Material and ACC 307 Week 3 Quiz 2 Guide are also been provided so that students can learn from them. On our learning portal you will get study material which is 100% updated and imparted by our experts.

ACC 307 Week 3 Quiz 2

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Course Detail:

Question 1

The annual increases in the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy:



Question 2

Jay, a single taxpayer, retired from his job as a public school teacher in 2014. He is to receive a retirement annuity of $1,200 each month and his life expectancy is 180 months. He contributed $36,000 to the pension plan during his 35-year career; so his adjusted basis is $36,000. Jay collected 192 payments before he died. What is the correct method for reporting the pension income?



Question 3

Which of the following is not a requirement for an alimony deduction?



Question 4

The alimony recapture rules are intended to:



Question 5

Harry and Wanda were married in Texas, a community property state, but moved to Virginia, a common law state. The calculation of their income on a joint return:



Question 6

An employee can exclude from gross income the value of meals provided by his or her employer whenever:



Question 7

The exclusion of interest on educational savings bonds:



Question 8

Christie sued her former employer for a back injury she suffered on the job in 2014. As a result of the injury, she was partially disabled. In 2015, she received $240,000 for her loss of future income, $160,000 in punitive damages because of the employer’s flagrant disregard for the employee’s safety, and $15,000 for medical expenses. The medical expenses were deducted on her 2014 return, reducing her taxable income by $12,000. Christie’s 2015gross income from the above is:



Question 9

Tommy, a senior at State College, receives free room and board as full compensation for working as a resident advisor at the university dormitory. The regular housing contract is $2,000 a year in total, $1,200 for lodging and $800 for meals in the dormitory. Tommy had the option of receiving the meals or $800 in cash. Tommy accepted the meals. What must Tommy include in gross income from working as a resident advisor?



Question 10

Stuart owns 300 shares of Turquoise Corporation stock and 2,000 shares of Blue Corporation stock. During the year, Stuart received 150 shares of Turquoise as a result of a 1 for 2 stock split. The value of the shares received was $4,800. Stuart also received 100 shares of Blue Corporation stock as a result of a 5% stock dividend. Stuart did not have the option of receiving cash from Blue. The additional shares he received had a value of $7,200. Stuart’s gross income from the receipt of the additional Turquoise and Blue shares is:


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