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Do you work hard to achieve good grades, but does not get success at that level? Studentwhiz has found out a simple yet interesting way to help its students achieve good grades by learning in a smart way through University of Phoenix ACC 307 Week 2 Quiz 1 Solutions and ACC 307 Week 2 Quiz 1 Course. Our main motive is that our students should pass their exams with flying colors. ACC 307 Week 2 Quiz 1 Study Material and ACC 307 Week 2 Quiz 1 Guide are also been provided so that students can learn from them. On our learning portal you will get study material which is 100% updated and imparted by our experts.

ACC 307 Week 2 Quiz 1

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Course Detail:

  • Question 1     

The U.S. (either Federal, state, or local) does not impose:



  • Question 2

A use tax is imposed by:



  • Question 3     

Taxes levied by all states include:



  • Question 4     

Characteristics of the “Fair Tax” (i.e., national sales tax) include which of the following:



  • Question 5

Which of the following transactions will decrease a taxing jurisdiction’s ad valorem tax revenue imposed on real estate?



  • Question 6     

Regarding the Tax Tables applicable to the Federal income tax, which of the following statements is correct?



  • Question 7

Arnold is married to Sybil, who abandoned him in 2013. He has not seen or communicated with her since April of that year. He maintains a household in which their son, Evans, lives. Evans is age 25 and earns over $6,000 each year. For tax year 2014, Arnold’s filing status is:



  • Question 8

During 2014, Marvin had the following transactions:


Bank loan (proceeds used to buy personal auto)10,000

Alimony paid12,000

Child support paid6,000

Gift from aunt20,000

Marvin’s AGI is:



  • Question 9

During the year, Kim sold the following assets: business auto for a $1,000 loss, stock investment for a $1,000 loss, and pleasure yacht for a $1,000 loss. Presuming adequate income, how much of these losses may Kim claim?



  • Question 10

Ellen, age 12, lives in the same household with her father, grandfather, and uncle. The cost of maintaining the household is provided by her grandfather (40%) and her uncle (60%). Disregarding tie-breaker rules, Ellen is a qualifying child as to:




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